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Published on 07-07-2007 (土) 20:15-(JST)
Edited on 22-06-2008 (日) 23:15-(JST)

For the summer month of June-July of 2007
Basically in Osaka and Tokyo as to what's happening here and there...

Changed writing style as not to appear too frivolous.

“People has but one dangerous enemy, its government” St. Just
Just a great quotation considering his position and life….

Questions regarding Aryanism

Ohta has discovered a scholar named Tsuda Genichiro who was born in 1925 and currently alive and very well, judging form the frequency and scope of his published endeavours.

Recently TBR have been promoting books regarding the history of the White people, also known at times as the ‘Aryans’.
The standard traditional accepted version is that the ‘Aryans’ are basically Nordic-looking people who cam from ‘somewhere’, like the mid-eastern area of Afghanistan, southern Russia, or from the West ( of India) about 1,500B.C. and settled in India creating the Brahman class…etc.etc…
What Tsuda has found out in his research is this:
(And by working for UNESCO he has gone personally to work/reside in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India…and others)
By residing in India and researching there he discovered, by coincidence for this is not his field of specialty that the whole concept of Aryanism was a myth based not on science or documentation but to suit the current ideology of that time. -namely to justify the presence of a British (White) Empire in India.
“In India from about a hundred years ago or so, has been this ‘myth’ of the hollowness regarding the theory of Aryanism, and that the root of this theory lies in the colonialism mentality….There has been new archeological excavations and discoveries but so far nothing has been found that would back up the claim that Aryans came and invaded there.
Not only that contemporary research is throwing doubts as to the racial identification of Aryans or Aryan blood type. Basically that it appears to be non-existent…The Indians and Europeans don’t share any similarity in blood types….
One of the proofs, of the Aryans had been in the Rig Veda, the oldest written document of India.
Reading this classic as interpreted by Western and Japanese scholars or by Indian scholars open up a wide gap of difference in the cultural and historical implications/interpretations.”
As with Darwinism, Aryanism gave a convenient justification for colonialism.
Ohta said in a lecture that the British East India Company invited Max Muller and funded him as to translate Rig Veda to their liking-demand.
And hence was born the concept of the superior Aryans, Masters of the World.
The whole four caste system with the Untouchables and sanctified system of rigid caste-class system of Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya (the common populace) and Sudra(slaves) fits very well not just for Empirism and colonialism but for the currently attempted NOW the totalitarian one-world government. It is a rigid and predictable class system with no mobility where the Masters’ postion would be justified along with the slavery system.
It would no doubt justify racial and social superiority by the fact that the root word “Arya” in Sanskrit means not only noble but Lord and ruler.. The word casto,a for the caste system means unmixed, pure and well bred.

Max (Friedrich) Muller 1823-1900
Born a German, professor at Oxford (home of the Round Table, Rhodes Scholarship) dies as a British citizen, known as a Sanskrit scholar and for his ‘Bow-wow theory’(I have no idea what that is…can you find out..)and authored books like The Sacred Books of the East
What value and advantage was there for the British East India Company to fund this scholar and promote Rig Veda….?
Parallel example would probably be the promotion of Darwin and social Darwinism.
Never mind that the word evolution does not appear ‘til the fourth edition of his book or that there is no scientific validity so far in his theories.
At that time there could not have been so many scholars able to challenge his well-funded researches.
There could also not have been that many Sanskrit scholar who would have been competent and powerful enough to challenge him for inaccuracies, or even to check for them. 
It is the same situation still today, like the Sumerain tablets that according to Z.Sitchin offers a quite a derivation from the standard stories of Human Genesis.
Barely a hundred people know Sumer in this world.

As for Japan, the studies for India and other Oriental studies were headed by two men who had both been students of Max Muller in England. Hence to challenge this theory would have implied academic death for the future scholar and the situation continues to this day.
Exactly the same with the dogma of Darwinism, although the situation is better in the West where people still can challenge and debate although the standard version is almost the accepted status quo of understanding.

It would be interesting and probably a necessity for historians that equate the rather classic understanding of:
Aryans=Caucasian=White race to check into the works of Indian scholars like
Vivikenanda (1863-1929)
Aurobindo (1872-1905)
And read their interpretation regarding this theory.
In Tsuda’s book is also introduced the following:

Western Theory of Arya-Aborigines Wars in the Veda Exposed
By Ram Gopal Shastri and Sadhu Ram

This Arya Samaj ?which is the movement questioning the assumptions regarding Aryanism in India was started by Dayananda Sarasvati (1824-1883)
India’s British domination was accomplished thus as according to Tsuda’s research in his books:
The British Empire troops first attempted to destroy the Hindu religion with force and violence.
But that was not successful so their next attempt was to replace English as much as possible and in this they succeeded.
For their next step, they decided to exploit and to translate into English the oldest Hindu written work of Rig Veda.
In order to do that, the British East India Company sponsored Max Muller and had him go to England as a Professor at Oxford.
With the Veda translated into English to the Company’s advantage, the theory of Aryanism as found in the Veda became a international propaganda for justifying the exploitation of India and its resources both material, human and potential.
The white race as labeled Caucasian Caucasus and Asia mixed, also expressed as Caucasoid-
apparently is a new connotation and terminology, that appears post or with Muller’s translation.
Geographically it makes little sense that these central Asia plains and Mesopotamia area will be a birthplace for such a Nordic white raced.
So where does the white race come from and there must be more archeological finds that are not being fully reported or investigated.
David Icke of whom I know you are not fond of as a researcher, labels them the white race as reptilian-hybrids, or there is a theory that they came from Mars (and this is not some patent absurdity but the blood RH minus or the way of calculation based on twelves and thirty-sixes ?which is Sumer but then where did they come from and this sudden burst of refined civilization…),
or the blue eyes being so sensitive to the sunlight etc etc). It may be a real possibility with all these and other possibilities like the theories regarding, and entwined with:
the Occult, Egyptology-especially the New=Egyptology, Pleiades, UFO ?or once again form Atlantis, or Lemuria and even more….!
In Icke’s book, although it is a standard interpretation regarding Western history, there is a map called:

The expansion of the Aryan race out of the Middle=east into Europe and the Indus Valley from 3000BC

It is the almost exact replica of the map offered by the Pathfinders for $2, although the word Aryan is not used by the Pathfinders.
The white race is different than the others for the good and the bad.
No other race or culture or whatever has done that much expansion and conquest and consequently damage for others and the Earth too.
TBR offers L.A.Wadell’s book and I think that’s wunderbar because he has some really logical and innovative interpretive ideas.
Waddell is probably correct in connecting Sumer to Egypt and that the Sumerians established themselves in the British Isles and Ireland and introduced the same cultural themes.
Same themes and symbolism may mean the same group as opposed to coincidences of Jungian arche-types, although that too is not impossible.
Genghis Kahn could have been a white-Aryan because of his behaviour..
Same thing with Attila the Hun…
The Goths, the Vikings,
Khan’s modus operandi doesn’t sound very Mongolian and funny,- that if it is something of a Mongolian trait then how come no other historical repetition even or a more minor scale happened?
The Baltic Homer is quite a possibility…
Then the Quetzacoatl legends, the rumour that Alexander the Great had blue eyes etc…
All Empire builders are coming from the same DNA group, under whatever label…

Although once again, the important question is regarding the Origin, in order to understand.
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism-Zoroasterism, Manicheanism, Buddhism etc. they all emerged in one particular area that of the Middle and Near East.
The very place where the keys to the mystery of the World (Western and contemporary ) is held is the very place where they keep on having conflicts making proper research impossible!
With each conquest or invasion the Empire builders have kept on destroying great treasures, libraries, artifacts, and archeological evidences or sequestered them like in the British Museum or the Smithsonian …
Were did they the White race spring up from…
Hence there may be a mystery/ confusion here on purpose as there are certain elements
that the very elite Masters wish it to be hidden?
The whole purpose of the caste system or mythology, the divine right to rule, the royal blood, the Masters and the Slaves, the Chosen and the Goyim etc. etc.-may be related to all this.

Basically everything that has been taught is false and there should be a re-examination of everything.
History has always been re-written by the victors and the race or cultures prone to conquests have a tendency to eliminate the Other versions but for a fuller, more comprehensible understanding of oneself the Other becomes an essential point of reference.
Another professor of anthropology at the Tokyo University has written in his book on “What is Race?”, published 1967 that there is not race called Aryans and that is a mythology created by Western Imperialism, namely British or Anglo-American Imperialists to promote, sanctify and justify their dominion over others.
(With roots going back to all past empires, Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenicians, Chaldean of Mesopotamia and Culdees of Northern Britain, and the Sumerian-)
Perhaps for these people Aryanism, Arri=noble is important, for then one can obtain
Sum-ARIAN well as ARI STOCK RACY….Ha, ha!
“the heros were exalted above the race of common men”-Homerus 8th-9th cent. B.C.
Heros were or are a race “between gods and men”. Pindar (518-438BC)

Ground Zero

It was of point of interest to me that the 33rd degree Supreme Council Headquarters of English Freemasonry’s address which is at 10 Duke Street, St.James London is also called “Ground Zero”.
Anything to do with the Greenwhich system?
I found it be peculiar, I can’t quite explain why but because the WTC is now called Ground Zero.
There is usually a definite symbolic reason for naming these semi-public, symbolic places….
Unless people in high postion don’t have much innovation and likes repetitions.

Virginia State

Another factor regarding the Virginia State Massacre is that fact that, University of Virginia has four secret societies. I just thought that it was unusual to have so many and they were listed in a book that also dealt not just with the more political and famous Yale’s Skull and Bones but with Mind Control Centers.
Here are the names of the four:
7 Society  Seven Society
Purple Shadows
2 Society or Two Society
For one university that ‘s quite a lot considering plenty of places don’t even have one.

“New Age”, -an Old World Order in a new cage

I don’t recall where I heard or read that but it’s very catchy.

And finally: Education

“During the new generation the Communists began to use the most efficient socialist means to arrest spiritual and psychological development of society, the paths of study were closed for the talented and were only made available to the unintelligent. Had Lenin not pointed out that they were to allow only those who sought a diploma and no knowledge?”
This is from Under The Sign of Scorpio by Jiri Lina
Perfect Publishing House Stockholm, 1998 pg.232

Is it just me who feels that this is sounding more and more like what is happening in the States, and Japan…
The crisis of the current situation seems to be so contained in these words…
People have pieces of paper to prove their qualifications yet they are often …dumb…

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